Powell Police See Increase In Trailer Thefts

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Utility trailers used to haul construction or lawn equipment are being hauled off by thieves.  It's happening in Powell, and in one incident the thieves were caught on camera.

A quick glimpse around Stephen Ussery's industrial park and you'll see a lot of trailers used for hauling equipment from one place to another.  

Just last week, Ussery said someone spotted his trailer and swiped it from the property.

“They used bolt cutters, and it looks like it took them all of three or four seconds to cut through there,” said Ussery.

Powell police said thieves also stole a large, enclosed trailer from a business on the property.

Detectives said the thieves are taking trailers, simply, because they can.

“It's very easy money and a very easy crime to commit,” Det. Ryan Pentz said.  

Ussery, is trying to make it more difficult. Most of the business owners on his lot now have locks or boots on their trailer tires.

He purchased a security system just before the most recent crime, but he said it wasn't installed the night of the theft.

Just up Liberty Road, security cameras at Wolf Commerce Park caught a guy stealing a trailer from the parking lot.

Detectives said it happened in the middle of the day, next to a bike path, storage units and numerous businesses.

The thief in the video appears to nonchalantly hook the trailer to the truck, and in a matter of minutes he’s gone.  

With more businesses installing security and taking precautions, the hope is that the thieves don't come back.
Powell police say they aren't the only ones dealing with this type of theft; several other central Ohio communities are also seeing trailer thefts.

If you recognize the man or the vehicle in the video - or know anything about the thefts, call Powell police at 614-885-5005.