Powell Police Investigating Rash Of Vehicle Break-ins


The Powell Police Department is investigating a rash of vehicle break-ins near Broadsworth Court during the weekend.

Kyle Sopko says the suspects triggered his car alarm and woke him up.

"At first, I thought maybe I had set off my car alarm. Maybe I had rolled onto my keys and I hadn't woken up," he said.

Sopko walked outside and discovered his car was a mess.

"Where the glove box was, all of my papers and everything were ripped out. Luckily, my registration was not in my car. It was inside," Sopko said.

He believes the thieves were able to get into his car because he forgot to fully roll up his window.

"I left the very top of my window opened just enough where they must have used something to wedge down and get the door handle open from inside," Sopko said.

Police say over the weekend, five other people near Broadsworth Court had their cars ransacked.

"Your car is your personal space and when someone decides to invade on your space. You clearly feel violated," says Sopko.

Sopko says police did make a surprising discovery behind a neighbor's yard.

"They found my ID, insurance cards," says Sopko. Sopko said the only card missing was his bank debit card.

Sopko says he's now taking precautions to make sure he's not a victim again.

"Windows are up. Car is completely locked and make sure no one can come back," he said.

Powell Police have not made any arrests

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