Pothole Problems Reported Across Central Ohio


City and state crews are racing to repair potholes Central Ohio.

Repair shops are busy with customers complaining about damage from the craters in the pavement.

The city of Columbus says 19,000 potholes have been filled since December 1, but there are thousands more to be done.

It's the kind of patchwork that has city workers fanned out across Columbus racing to fill them.

One massive hole along Nelson Road in east Columbus caught many drivers off guard leading to multiple flat tires and lost hub caps.

The holes are deceiving in the dark because many are filled to the top with water and nearly impossible to see, much less avoid.

Connie King was headed to work near Reynoldsburg early Monday morning when she says disaster struck.

"It blew my tire immediately, I had to turn around and barely made it home before the tire went completely flat," said King.

Mario Moyer, the store manager at Firestone Complete Care in New Albany says business is booming because of pothole damage.

"We had a car in here two weeks ago that they guy hit a pothole so hard the airbags deployed, the passenger side airbags," said Moyer.

He says the store sees an average of three people a day with pothole complaints.

"Every day someone's in here, a bubble in the sidewall of their tire, cut the sidewall, bent their rim even front end parts," he described.

It's a predicament no one wants to be in and one city and state crews are well aware of and racing to make repairs. In 2013, the city of Columbus received more than 3,600 reports of potholes. Columbus city workers filled more than 117,000 potholes last year.