Portman Drops Hint On Presidential Race While Discussing ‘Mitt’ Documentary


Sen. Rob Portman hinted about his plans in 2016, while discussing a new documentary where he is featured helping Mitt Romney prepare for a debate with President Obama.

"I have seen it, I actually stayed up way too late one night last week to watch it with my wife," said Portman.  "I thought it was a really intimate and heartwarming account of the Romney family.  I liked it."

In an interview with CNN earlier this week, Romney mentioned several potential Republican presidential candidates in 2016 including Ohio governor John Kasich, but he did not mention Portman who had been on his short list for a running mate.

"I've never indicated to him my interest," Portman told 10TVs Jim Heath.  "I haven't seen the names he has dropped, but he's a good friend, and I was honored to try to help him back in 2012."

Filmmaker Greg Whiteley was given unique access to the Romneys during both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

His documentary features private moments, including Portman portraying Obama in debate preparation with Romney.

"I didn't know that camera was rolling when I was playing the role of President Obama in the debate prep," said Portman.  "I'm glad at least I didn't do something too obnoxious while the camera was rolling."

Besides being on Romney's short list for vice president in 2012, he was also considered by John McCain in 2008.  He was the budget director for a time during the George W Bush presidency.