Poll: Brown Opens Lead Over Mandel In Senate Race


Earlier this year, Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown's office was one toward the top of the list that Republicans were targeting.

New poll numbers show it may now be a long-shot because Brown has opened up a double-digit lead over Ohio Republican Treasurer Josh Mandel.

The Columbus Dispatch poll shows Brown at 49 percent and Mandel at 39 percent. In August, the candidates were tied, both at 44 percent.

"Our internal polling shows us winning among most likely voters, and essentially, we're in a dead heat and a dog fight," said Mandel.

Mandel said he's seen the Dispatch poll but does not buy into the numbers. He said his campaign is on the right track by appealing to independent voters.

"I'm going to stand up to the Democratic political bosses, but also the Republican political bosses, to do what's right for my boss. And my boss is the 11.5 million people in the state of Ohio," he said.

Brown said his reelection campaign is gaining momentum.

"I get up and fight for Ohio every day. He gets up and raises money and thinks about the next job," said Brown.

On Monday, Brown was endorsed by the conservative-leaning Ohio Society of CPAs.

Brown said that's another indication of his work to fix the economy.

"That's why we're seeing manufacturing job growth for the first time.  The economy is beginning to turn, not good enough for central Ohio but getting better," said Brown.

The Mandel camp points out Brown won his first senate race with 56 percent of the vote in a very Democratic year. They believe it's much closer now.

The Brown campaign believes that the endorsement by the state CPAs could be the just the tip of the iceberg in their favor.

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