Police Worried About Missing Teen’s Safety


Police are concerned about a 15-year-old Clintonville girl's safety after she vanished more than a week ago.

Her family says they are only now piecing together details of a secret romance and possible trip across the country.

"She's pretty much vanished without a trace, there's no leads," said Annie Curtis.

It's a mystery beginning to unravel for the Curtis family. The youngest of the five children, 15-year old Sarah Curtis, disappeared Thursday.  She left a note, saying she was staying at her best friend's house for the weekend.

"It wasn't out of the ordinary," said Cathy, Sarah's mother.

"Sunday's when I started to get concerned," said Pete, Sarah's father.

As mom, dad and her siblings started digging, concerns grew. They learned through her journal and her best friend, she'd met an older boy at the Chiller at Easton.

"It's just a little strange for her to be so secretive," said Cathy.

They say Sarah was brilliant, but slightly reclusive and innocent. She was home-schooled. The boyfriend was a surprise. No one in Sarah's life has met him. She only divulged a first name, Luke, to her best friend. She said he came from a wealthy family who had a home in Clintonville and New York.

"We think this has been going on for eight months. She's been telling us she's at someone else's house."

She'd been lying about spending weekends at friends.  In her journal, Sarah had written two New York numbers and mentioned a trip 10 hours away.

"I called T-Mobile. I checked her phone records. She isn't using her Galaxy," said Pete.

Her best friend says the boyfriend had bought Sarah another phone to use for calls to him. Pete also discovered Sarah had downloaded apps that hid incoming and outgoing phone numbers.  Family and friends say this is totally out of character.

"She's never had her first kiss, supposedly. She doesn't do drugs. She doesn't want to.  I mean, she doesn't cuss," said Annie.

Annie Curtis is a social worker for teens and thinks this case is far more than a teenage runaway.

"Trust my gut intuition that this is an extreme case of a missing child," said Annie.

The detective in the case says there is definite concern.  They don't have an idea where Sarah is and they can use any tips.  If you have any information on Sarah Curtis' disappearance, call Columbus Police at 614-645-4810.