Police Urge Shoppers To Take Precautions Against Thieves


The soaking rain didn't dampen the enthusiasm of shoppers the last weekend before Christmas.  Police say it also doesn't deter criminals from taking advantage of consumers.

Worthington police officers routinely patrol The Shops at Worthington Place, both in their cruisers and on foot.

"They're going to move quickly and get rid of it as quick as they can," Officer Jeff Kubasek said of car thieves.

Officers check vehicles to make sure shoppers are taking the proper precautions.

Officer Kubasek spotted a GPS device on the dashboard of a car and immediately placed a preventative patrol notification on the windshield.

He said the friendly warning notifies consumers that theft from vehicles if the number one property crime in the city.

"Keep the electronics, the laptops, the iPads at home unless you absolutely need it and if you have to go inside just take it with you, don't leave these things in your car because it's going to be gone," he said.

For those with arm loads of presents, police say hide them in the trunk, keep them covered and even move your car to a new location of the mall in case criminals are watching.

Rob Wendling says he shops close to home so he can make frequent trips without leaving too many presents in his car.

Officer Kubasek said going home routinely is a good plan because as patrol officers, they can only do so much.

"You don't want your family to lose your Christmas presents," said Kubasek.  

Police say most importantly, use common sense, never leave your car unlocked and always be aware of your surroundings when you arrive and leave a location.