Police union votes “no confidence” in Mayor Ginther, other top city officials

Police union votes “no confidence” in Mayor Ginther, other top city officials

No confidence in Columbus leaders

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Columbus, Ohio -- Union members in Franklin County with the Fraternal Order of Police have given a unanimous vote of no confidence to top city officials, according to FOP President Jason Pappas.

Pappas said the union, with more than 4,200 members, have no confidence in Mayor Andrew Ginther, Public Safety Director Ned Pettus and City Council President Zach Klein.

The no confidence vote comes months after the firing of officer Zach Rosen. Rosen was seen on video kicking a suspect while he was on the ground.

The union said Rosen was unfairly fired and accused City Hall of using the officer as a “political pawn.”

The FOP is behind two billboards that appeared on 3rd Avenue in downtown Columbus this morning. One of the billboards reads ‘Violence on the rise…79 homicides this year! Where is our mayor? What is his plan?’

The billboard urges readers to contact Mayor Ginther and provides a phone number.

Earlier this week, CrimeTracker 10 reported so far in 2017 the Columbus homicide rate is up 50 percent over previous years. A similar billboard urges readers to ask Columbus City Council why it’s slashed funding to law enforcement?

The FOP is also raising concerns about a shortage in manpower in the Columbus Division of Police.

The Fraternal Order of Police is expected to hold a press conference this afternoon.


Statement from Mayor Ginther regarding the Fraternal Order of Police vote:

"Public safety is and has always been my number one priority, and it is the single largest investment the city makes every year. I remain committed to strengthening the best division of police in the country, to hiring new officers, and continuing to develop strategies to improve community-police relations.

We will continue to invest in the tools, technology and training needed to keep every resident in every neighborhood safe."

Statement from City Council President Zach Klein regarding the Fraternal Order of Police vote:

"Community and officer safety is always a priority. That's why as the former Public Safety Committee Chair and now as President of Council, whenever the FOP or the Division of Police made requests that improved community and officer safety, I have always supported them, without exception. Therefore, it appears this action is really about Officer Rosen.

As a community leader, I have unwavering support for our police officers who put their lives on the line every day to make us safe. However, I also have high expectations that they perform their duties responsibly. No vote or action by any organization will ever change that."

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