Police Union President Says Problematic Cruiser Camera System Often Does Not Work Or Is Too Slow


The Columbus Division of Police is experiencing a system wide problem with its cruiser camera system, called  Arbitrator. 

The system records video of police interaction with the public. The video is supposed to automatically upload to Arbitrator servers when police return to sub-stations. However, a memo obtained by 10TV reveals that the system is down. 

"....The Arbitrator server is now full which has shut down uploading of video.... There will be no uploading of video until additional storage is obtained…  Once a card becomes full no more recording will become possible in that cruiser," the Division memo dated says.  

Union President Jason Pappas says even when the camera system is working at its best - it's slow. 

"It is ridiculously inefficient," 

Pappas says it can take hours for video to upload. He says that sidelines officers until things are fixed.

"We've found is that officers are having to sit in a cruiser lot for hours because the technology isn't capable of uploading the film fast," Pappas says. 

A Columbus Police commander sent a statement saying: "The Division of Police is keenly aware of the importance of our cruiser video program...(we are) aggressively working to make the necessary repairs and bring the system back online...."