Police: Two Men Try to Abduct Developmentally Disabled Man

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Two Circleville men are accused of trying to abduct a man with a developmentally disability.

Circleville Police say 44 year old Ronald Davis and 45 year old Kevin Green were charged with abduction after attacking an 18-year-old.

"I was just standing there scared," says the victim, Jason Pherigo.

Pherigo says Davis approached him on Thursday night and asked to speak with him.

"I followed him down the street," Pherigo told 10TV's Jason Frazer.

Pherigo's friend Kristin Grey says she decided to follow the trio because she noticed something odd about Davis.

"He was stumbling. His words were unclear and he just kept looking around like he was paranoid," says Grey.

The men stopped in front of another home on South Court Street and that's when Pherigo says Davis attacked him.

"As I got to the porch, he literally put me in a choke hold," says Pherigo.

Police say Davis allegedly dragged the victim to the backyard along the fence line. Investigators say Green told the victim to drop his pants.

"Kevin was the one that picked up a chain and started swinging it at me," Pherigo told 10TV's Jason Frazer.
Grey says she ran for help.

"I walked up to his parents house and I told them I don't know what to do. Your son just went into some strange guy's house," says Grey. " His dad walked up and told Jason to get out and told that guy he needed to get out in five seconds."

The suspects fled but police say they were able arrest them a short time later.

Investigators believe at the time of the attack, Davis and Green were both under the influence of alcohol.
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