Police: Teen Brawl At Westerville Park Put Lives At Risk


Police say teens terrorized a Westerville park, with a 17 year old using a vehicle as a weapon.   

Investigators say it started as a fight between a 17 year old and an 18 year old, and escalated, catching innocent victims in the middle.

“This isn't boys will be boys, or anything like that. I mean, this is somebody seriously trying to harm a person he's fighting with,” said Westerville Police Sgt. Charles Chandler.

Chandler says a fight broke out between two teens in the parking lot of the Train Depot at Hanby Park in Westerville.

He says the 17 year old got into his cousin's SUV and tried to run over the 18 year old.

Chandler says the 17 year old struck two vehicles.

“(He) actually (struck them) hard enough that he moved one of the vehicles he struck a couple of feet, drove into the grass off of the parking area,” Chandler said.

The SUV went off road and onto the grass, mere feet from a bike path and the playground.

“It's pretty scary, but a lot of kids don't think about the safety of others, and when you get vehicles involved, that's a whole other level,” said Westerville resident Megan Evans.

Evans says that day, she saw the police officers from afar and was glad to see she was out of harm's way.

“This has always been the first place we come every day. So, to know that that happened here is kind of scary,” Evans said.

“It's a dangerous situation, and somebody could have gotten seriously hurt, and so serious charges are in order,” Chandler said.

The 17 year old faces charges of felonious assault and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The 18 year old faces charges of disorderly conduct and criminal damaging.

People who were in the park at the time say they were glad they were able to call police to the park before the situation got worse.

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