Police Searching For Driver Who Slammed Truck Into Home And Fled

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A driver is on the run after a pickup truck slammed into an Obetz home.

The crash occurred around 2:45 a.m. on Wednesday on Bridlewood Boulevard, near Groveport Road and I-270.  A couple was sleeping inside when they were startled awake.

“Well I thought maybe something fell.  We heard a big kaboom.  You never know.  I went out and looked.  Nothing fell, but it was in the house.  The couch was pushed up against the wall and the wall was all busted,” said homeowner Bobby Patton.

He says the music was blaring in the truck, but the driver was gone.

The crash was so forceful that is even moved walls inside the house and cracked the ceiling to the floor.

Meanwhile, Obetz Police towed away the car and are trying to track down its owner. 

For now, Patton is left to clean up the mess and make the necessary repairs.

The couple inside the home was not hurt.