Police Searching For Clues In The Stabbing Death Of An 89-Year-Old


Police made the awful discovery after a neighbor noticed something out of place and called 911.

Caller: "Her back door is open.  She won't answer.  I called her and no one answered the phone.”

Columbus Police found the body of 89-year old Anna Mae Eblen inside the house.  She was the victim of a knife attack.

Homicide detectives believe the attack happened sometime after 6:30 Thursday evening inside the woman's home on the 3000-block of East 12th Avenue.

“I've been crying ever since yesterday.  This is awful,” says neighbor Delma Dumas.

She lives right next door to Eblen.  Crime scene investigators searched Dumas’ home and she says investigators interrogated her brother, who police are calling a person of interest. 

Dumas told 10TV her brother has never set foot inside the victim's home, and says she doesn't understand why he is being treated with suspicion.

“We don't go nowhere.  We don't bar hop.  We don't bother nobody.”

10TV has learned another neighbor told police they saw Dumas' brother go inside Eblen's house last night.  Dumas says that's impossible because he was home all night playing cards. 

She says she hopes police catch the person who murdered her tiny, frail 89-year old neighbor.  “Whatever person did this I hope you go straight to hell because this is just heartless.”

Investigators won't say whether they found any potential evidence inside either house, but police say they don't have anyone in custody and no charges have been filed.