Police Search For Vending Machine Thief At Mount Carmel West

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A man stocking a vending machine was robbed while loading soda and police are on the hunt for the thief.

The robbery occurred Wednesday morning at Mount Carmel West Hospital.

Employee Larry Bell tells 10TV he saw a man out of the corner of his eye while he was loading the machine.  The man grabbed a bag of cash, and that’s when Bell says he leapt into action, chasing the thief several blocks before the pursuit came to a halt.

"I was going as fast I can, but I’ve had a couple hip replacements, so I ran as fast and long as I could.  There was a couple other guys that had a truck delivery … they were chasing him too,” recalls Bell.

He says the thief was cornered by other delivery men in the area, threw the cash down and took off.

Detectives are talking with a second person located near the scene.  They say the man was not the person who stole the cash, but they’re investigating whether or not he acted as lookout.