Police Search For Robber Who Forced Subway Employees Into Cooler


Employees at a Subway store in Grove City were forced into a cooler by an armed robber on Tuesday morning.

But an observant resident along Broadway may help police solve the crime.

Dianna Cornell was on a walk and noticed a suspicious vehicle.

“A little turquoise type colored car, an older car, a small sedan. It was just freaky you know to see something go on like that,” said Cornell.

The older-model 4-door car was the getaway vehicle, according to police.

Grove City Police say a man got out of that car, pulled up his hood, walked into the Subway and told the two employees he had a gun.

The workers were forced into the restaurant cooler. Police say the suspect then grabbed cash and took off.

He’s described as a white male, between 30-40 years old. He’s between 5’3” and 5’6” tall with a thin build. He has light-colored hair and a goatee. He wore a gold hooded sweatshirt and tan shorts at the time of the robbery.

Cornell says he was not working alone.

“And a woman slumped over in the back seat, like she'd had a little too much or whatever,” says the witness. “I’ve lived here almost 15 years and never experienced something like that. That guy could have turned around with a gun, I didn't know.”

Officers have reason to believe the suspects drove down Broadway and then hopped on I-270.