Police Search For Gunman After Arena District Shooting

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Police are continuing to search for a gunman after a shooting early Sunday morning in the Arena District.

It happened in a parking lot off of Vine Street, just west of Armstrong Street, around 3 a.m.

The parking lots along Vine Street are used by many people who come to the Arena District.

People who live nearby said the area is usually problem free.

"Normally I feel like this is a safe area," said Steve Tindall. "We walk out of our front door and expect to be able to walk down the street without any trouble. So it's surprising to hear that things like that are going on around the corner."

Police said just before three o'clock Sunday morning, 26-year-old Marquise Johnson-Doss was walking with some friends when they got into an argument with two other men in a Maroon Mustang.

Investigators said during the fight someone pulled out a gun and shot Johnson-Doss in the leg.

Those who work in the area said they were upset by the incident.

"The parking lots across the street park 1000 cars a night and yet there is no security over there," said Endzone General Manager Jerry Hunt. "All of the businesses down here make sure that there are plenty of off duty police officers to insure the patrons have a safe and fun time inside our places."

Hunt said all of the businesses want people to feel comfortable in the Arena District and that includes when they leave to go home.

Investigators said several people were questioned at the scene but were ultimately released.

They said they are awaiting DNA results to try and identify the possible shooter.

Neighbors said they aren't worried.

"Hopefully it is not a situation where these things are occurring more and more often because like I said I think this is a safe area and I think everyone would appreciate it if those things weren't going on," said Tindall.