Police Say Serial Burglar Nabbed in Whitehall


Whitehall police connected 21-year-old Robert Williams to a handful of break-ins, and they believe he may have committed more.

Detectives said Williams was after purses, small electronics, and jewelry.  Anything he could carry in a bag and steal quickly.

They say Williams burglarized the very apartment complex where he lived, including the home of Terry Thompson.

“It was about 9:00 in the morning. I heard my glass breaking. I came downstairs. He was still breaking out my window,” said Thompson. “Had he gotten in, I might have been in trouble.”

Thompson told 10TV he is glad the burglar got away empty-handed.

“I feel lucky, I really do feel lucky that he didn't get in,” said Thompson.

On the other side of the complex, a woman told 10TV a man broke into her back window and stole more than $1,000 dollars in electronics and personal items, while she was home. An action, police describe as brazen.

“He actually came all the way up into her bedroom to take items out of her bedroom as she was sleeping. She woke up to find him in her bedroom,” said Whitehall police Sgt. Daniel Kelso.

Whitehall police have connected Williams to four burglaries in the area, with possibly more to come.

Detectives said they tracked him down after collecting evidence, like fingerprints, and arrested him while he was lurking in a walkway with a laptop in his possession that he had just stolen.

Sgt. Kelso said what is most troubling is that in each case people were home.

Williams faces several burglary charges. Whitehall police continue to investigate.

Detectives told 10TV they may connect him to possibly a dozen other burglaries in the area.

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