Police Say Kids Finding Creative, Unusual Places To Stash Drugs

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If you suspect your child may be using drugs, then you’ve got to start thinking like a drugs user, if you intend to find their stash. That’s the advice from police.

10TV recently took Westerville Police Sgt. Cappy Chandler through a teen’s room.

“Walking around in this room, right away, I see a guitar over here. The guitar has a hole in it, a perfect place to slide a plastic bag or a container containing pills or marijuana,” Chandler says.

Chandler says there are no limits to the ways in which a teen can hide narcotics or drug paraphernalia in the one place they consider all their own – their bedroom.

Chandler says that you have to think like a drug user. If you can’t get into that mindset, think about if you have really expensive jewelry and you’re going away on vacation. Where would you hide it? He showed 10TV why it’s important to take the blinders off.

“This individual has his own bathroom. You have what appears to be shaving cream” says Chandler.

Novelty stores sell cans that appear to be everyday household items that are made to hide contraband, just by unscrewing the bottom of the can. Other places Chandler says to search include CD cases, a favorite for hiding pills.
Behind a dresser, a stash can be taped against the back of it.

“Push it up against the wall. You got a mirror. Things could be easily hidden behind a mirror. A lot of times you wouldn’t have to use tape or anything extra,” he explained.

Even an air vent or electric outlet could be used.

“For things like that you would look for, is there wear on the screws where they’ve been taken up or put back up a lot”.

Sgt. Chandler says by finding something early, you can often stop the problem before it becomes a bigger issue for your teen.

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