Police Report Provides New Info About Investigation Into Wrongly Repossessed House


It seems everybody in McArthur knows what a bank did to Katie Barnett.

"Well, if I was her, I'd take them for everything that they had," said Robin Ousley.

"I think it's a bad, bad story. Everybody has their personal property and personal space, and nobody has a right to do that," added John Palmer.

The First National Bank of Wellston admits it mistook Katie's home for one of its foreclosed homes across the street.

Barnett says the bank destroyed $18,000 worth of her property. But the bank is fighting back and saying Barnett is exaggerating her losses.

The bank thinks that she is asking for more than she deserves.  

The problem is that the cleaning crew, which included an assistant vice president and development officer from the bank, did not take an inventory of what was in the house before they disposed of it.  It was only after Barnett presented them with a list that they tried to remember what they had taken.

Barnett first reported being locked out of her home on June 24.  

McArthur police responded at that time but waited a month before writing report.  

In the narrative dated July 25 and released late on Tuesday of this week, police say "Mrs. Barnett did not advise this officer of anything being taken or missing..."

Barnett says that is true. In a phone interview with 10TV, Barnett explained she and her husband were going through a separation at the time; she was moving back into the house right after her husband moved out.

"And it wasn't until, you know, I spoke to my husband later that, I realized that he had not taken those items out of the house when he left," she said.

The police report does not list the names of those responsible for taking Barnett's things, and it doesn't list any charges.

The Vinton County Prosecutor told 10TV that one of her options could be to send the report back to police for more information. Barnett is no longer doing interviews on the advice of her attorney.  

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