Police Release New Video of Clintonville Shootout


Columbus police released new dashcamera of the events surrounding a chase and shooting that left two people dead.

Police say the incident started when they tried to stop homicide suspect Emanuel Gatewood, riding inside an SUV just after 5 a.m. on May 15, 2013 on on High Street.

But the video shows the gold SUV doesn't stop and Gatewood begins opens fire from inside.

The officer in police car 31 continued to follow the SUV amid a volley of gunfire.

Then, the officer could be heard on camera saying he had been hit.

That officer was injured by shattered glass and shrapnel.

He drove himself to Riverside Methodist Hospital as other patrol cars joined in pursuit.

About one minute later, the SUV, driven by Kourtney Hahn, crashed into some bushes near a fire station just north of the intersection of North Broadway and North High Street.

That's when the Gatewood and police exchange dozens of shots. 

In the end, both Gatewood and Hahn were dead.

Officers found two guns inside their vehicle.

In September, a grand jury cleared the officers that fired the shots in that fatal shooting.

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