Police Release New Information after Logan Murder-Attempted Suicide


New details are emerging in a Christmas night murder-attempted suicide in Hocking County.

Police say the shooter and his estranged wife agreed to meet in the parking lot of Hocking Mall in Logan.

That's where they say he killed a woman, and then shot himself.

A photograph obtained by 10tv shows 30 year old Phillip Loschiavo on his wedding day in April.

He was marrying the mother of his two children, ages 3 and 1.

Family members tell 10TV his now-estranged wife and two children witnessed Loschaivo kill 30 year old Teresa Bickley, and then turn the gun on himself.

Police identify Bickley as the girlfriend of Loschiavo's wife.

They say Loschiavo believed Bickley had interfered in his marriage.

The coroner says he shot Bickley at least three times in the chest at close range, before putting the gun to his own head and pulling the trigger.

Bickley died at the scene.

Loschiavo was taken to Grant Medical Center.

A relative of Loschiavo's wife says the purpose of the meeting was to hand off the children for visitation.