Police: Nearly $100,000 Skimmed From Credit Cards in Marysville


Jacqueline Shuler, co-owner of American Towing, got a warning call saying her company credit card was being used overseas.

"I got a call from our bank and they said had we used the card in Italy? And we said absolutely not,” said Shuler. “Immediately I was thinking, oh my gosh, our business is going to be compromised because those cards are linked to every fund that we have in our business.”

She got a second call days later, saying someone illegally used her personal credit card. Shuler said it was “pretty scary.”

“There's a potential that there could be thousands of credit cards that have been compromised,” said Det. Don McGlenn, Marysville Police Department.

McGlenn said, so far, he's collected nearly a dozen reports.

“But we have nothing definitive at this time where we can say 100 percent sure, yes this came from this restaurant or this store, or any of these places,” said McGlenn.

There was concern from community members that one local popular pizza restaurant was the source of the skimming. However, police have not yet connected any of these crimes to Benny's Pizza.

Still, the management told 10TV they were being proactive in hiring forensic analysts to sift thru their systems to make sure nothing's hidden.

“We have a lot of customers and a lot of credit cards that go through here. And this wasn't something that we took lightly at all,” said Victoria Petrella, general manager of Benny’s Pizza.

Benny’s general manager said that while there were claims that the skimming started with her restaurant, so far no skimming devices have been found.

She, and many of her customers, including Jacqueline Shuler hope it stays that way.

“This community and the surrounding communities have made us what we are,” said Petrella. “So we are taking this really seriously”

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