Police: Man Claims To Have Raped Multiple Women


A Columbus man is charged with two counts of rape and kidnapping, but police say there could be several more victims.

Police arrested Terry Smith, Jr. Tuesday morning at his home in the Annhurst Apartments in northeast Columbus near Gahanna.

Detectives say it is where at least two of the alleged rapes may have occurred.

"This is awful," said Donna Tudor, who lives just feet away from Smith's apartment.

She doesn't like the thought of living next to an accused sexual offender.

Police say Smith met the two alleged victims on internet dating sites and invited them to his apartment.

In a rare move after his arrest, detectives say Smith provided police the names of some of his other victims.

"There were six others that he gave us names for," said Det. Brent Close with Columbus Police. "But he did reference that there were more than that."

Close says Smith told investigators that he was surprised it took one of his victims so long to contact police.

Smith also provided detectives with a reason for his alleged assaults.

"He claims a mental illness that causes him to do this," Close said.

Smith's alleged crimes are enough to make at least one of his neighbors want to move.

"I want out," Tudor said.

Smith is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.

Columbus police continue to investigate and are asking any other victims to notify the sexual assault unit at 614-645-4701.