Police: Man Attacks Another Driver With Samurai Sword In Road Rage Incident

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A man is behind bars, after police say a road rage incident led to him attacking another driver with a samurai sword.

The bizarre, dangerous confrontation happened Tuesday morning in the parking lot of a Whitehall gas station.

A mobile IT tech, Oscar Van Scheetz's van is his office.

"No problem putting a thousand miles on the van in two weeks," said Van Scheetz.

With that much time on the road, he’s seen his share of hostile drivers, but says he's never experienced anything like what happened Tuesday morning.

He says it started when another driver-- identified by police as Joshua Williams-- cut him off on Hamilton Road.

"We just exchanged fingers and a honk, that was it. There were no words, no nothin’ said out there," said Van Scheetz.

He says he pulled into the Sunoco station to get gas, and Williams followed.

“He got out of his car, left his car on Hamilton Road, ran across the parking lot, came to the driver’s door of my van. I was trying to get out. We got into a little scuffle, then got into a fight."

The incident was witnessed by a Whitehall Fire Captain Allen Scott, who radioed police.

At one point, witnesses says Williams ran back to his car.

"I actually thought he was going to get a gun," said witness Roy McNabb.

"He just got a weapon out of the trunk of the car,” radioed Scott. “He's going after the van with it."

"You never think that somebody's gonna reach in and get a sword out of their trunk!" said McNabb.

But police say that's what Williams did- coming at Van Scheetz with a sword he described as "probably at least 4 foot long…it looked like something a samurai ninja would have."

"He was swinging it around in circles actually acting like a samurai hitting the van with it,” said McNabb. “It was crazy."

Though no one was hurt, Van Scheetz’s van was damaged by the sword.

Police say this incident should serve as a warning to all drivers, not to let minor offenses turn into a life-threatening situation.

"Somebody got wronged, somebody got insulted, somebody has to answer for that insult, and it just escalated from there,” said Whitehall Police Sgt. John Grebb. “It doesn't need to be that way."

Police say Williams fled the scene, but Captain Scott got his plate number, and happened upon the car about an hour later.

He notified police, who arrested Williams.

Williams is in the Franklin County Jail charged with felonious assault and felony vandalism.