Police Look At Home Burglaries In Hilliard, Columbus That May Be Related

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Gwendolyn Sturgill demonstrated to 10TV how a thief was able to get inside her Hilliard home last Thursday. She says the thief pried open the window and went straight for her jewelry.
The thief took it all, including her wedding rings.

“I don't have a lot of expensive jewelry, but there is stuff we've collected on vacations and stuff that is irreplaceable,” said Sturgill.

Hilliard Police said they are investigating five similar style burglaries. All have been reported in the last month.

Police say they are also looking into six more that were reported in Columbus that could be connected.

Hilliard Police say the burglaries aren't isolated to one particular area of the city but they are all happening during the same time of day and in all of the cases the thief got in the same way.

“Typically, they are happening in the evening, early evening hours between three and seven and typically the entry is through a back door or back window,” said Sgt. Curtis Baker, Hilliard PD.

Baker says while they don't have a suspect, but they do believe they know how the crimes are being committed.

“With these types of crimes, a burglar will come up to a front door and knock and ask if someone is there,” added Baker.

Baker says if no one answers, then the thief will head around back and force his way inside. Sturgill says that is likely what happened at her home, but she still doesn't know why her home and her jewelry were targeted.

“It's just memories more than anything - it's stuff but memories so that is what is upsetting."