Police: Lancaster Woman Lied About Kidnapping And Rape After Crash


Lancaster police now say a woman falsified a story of kidnapping and rape following a car crash.

Police said the woman will be criminally charged.

Investigators said she reported she was driving southbound along North Memorial Drive on Monday, when she was rear-ended.

That's when the woman alleged a man pulled out a knife and forced her back into her own car, struck her across the face several times and threatened to kill her if she did not do exactly what he said.

Police said she told them she woke up more than four hours later and ran to a neighbor's door for help.  That neighbor then called 911.

Her father's car is back in his driveway. It had been missing after the woman's alleged tall tale.

"We were kind of shocked but hopefully we can get her into rehab," said Chuck Mettler.

Mettler had just a few comments after learning his daughter made up the story.  

He spoke with 10TV earlier in the day before police said she made up the incident. He thought she was using his car to run an errand.

"She went up to Meijer's to get me a birthday cake and she was on her way back from there," said Mettler. "She's breaking down, crying. She blames herself."

Tuesday night, Lancaster detectives said they learned that story was not true.

They said the alleged victim lied about the kidnapping and rape to cover up the fact she was using her father's car for drug activity.

"The drug situation in Lancaster is out of control and something needs to be done," said Mettler.

Police say charges against the woman will be coming soon.

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