Police K9s Train For Dangerous Situations At Session In Newark

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Several dogs went through a tactical obedience training session in Newark, which boasts one of the oldest K-9 programs in Ohio.

Newark Police Captain Barry Connell says the training is to make sure handlers and their dogs respond well in dangerous situations.

Connell says the harder they train, the easier it is patrolling the streets.

"We don't want the handler focusing on a dog that may not be listening well.  We want the dog to stay totally in tune with the handler and go where we want. Because we want the handler to be focus on his job, which may be looking for a dangerous felon,” said Capt. Barry Connell, Newark PD.

Connell says Licking County is choosing smaller breeds like the Dutch Shepard or Malinois because they live longer and have fewer health problems than larger police dogs.