Police Investigating After Woman's Body Found Along I-71

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Police were investigating after a woman's body was found on Interstate 71 in north Columbus early Wednesday around 5 a.m.

I-71 northbound was closed between I-670 and Cooke Road while police were on scene. The road reopened shortly after 11:30 a.m.

Police say multiple drivers called authorities and said they had hit the body on the highway.

“We're on 71. Somebody got hit by a car and all these cars are running over them,” said one caller to 911.

“Oh Lord have mercy! Oh Lord! They're just running, running it over,” reported another caller.

Jennifer Illes was in the car with her boyfriend when they spotted the body and tried to swerve to miss it.

“I braced myself, I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to lose control of the car. I didn't know how big the object in the road was, but I knew I was going over it. I didn't know if I was going to crash into it, or spin out, or lose control. But when I went over it, it was a very loud thud,” she said.

Illes’ car is now damaged, but her memory is scarred from what she saw Wednesday morning.

“It was a really sickening feeling, knowing that I just ran over someone who was out there. Like, why were they there? It was a really scary thought,” she added.

There are still many questions about the death, including how the woman ended up on the highway.

The Franklin County coroner told 10TV that the woman had been identified, but officials were still in the process of notifying her family.

The autopsy also was not complete as of Wednesday evening.

It is unknown if alcohol or other substances are a factor.

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