Police Investigated Bishop Ready High School Locker Room Camera Complaints In 2011

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Cameras have been removed at Bishop Ready High School, but some parents are still upset. Find out the latest that 10TV has uncovered.

Bishop Ready High School officials have removed cameras in a school locker room, but some parents are still upset.

On Wednesday, one parent told 10TV News that he believes school officials should have removed the cameras years ago.

Families threated to sue the school in order to get the cameras taken down.

10TV has now obtained a police report filed nearly two years ago that leveled a complaint about the boy’s locker room being video recorded.

Columbus police say their investigation found the school was "walking a fine line" but they "could not prove criminal intent."

Columbus police tell 10TV that although the school did not appear to be violating state law, they recommended in March 2011 that the school remove the cameras to avoid the possibility of a civil lawsuit.

Bishop Ready's principal said the cameras were installed 15 years ago and had not been an issue until this school year.

One parent told 10TV that having signs to direct students to another area to change is "ridiculous."

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