Police Investigate Multiple Car Break-Ins In Northeast Columbus

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Cars are being targeted by thieves in northeast Columbus where police say there were dozens of break-ins last month.

It’s happening near Morse Road and North Hamilton Road.

Victims say the burglars got into the cars, rummaged around, but didn't take a whole lot of anything.

With a glance out the window into the parking lot, Tony Hall knew he was a victim. He was violated but not really robbed.

“Just rifled through, I was surprised that some things did not get taken,” said Hall.

He obviously didn't have what the burglars wanted, but that didn't stop them. He says other neighbors were hit as well.

Chris Lafleur's roommate was one of them. She snapped a picture as police responded to the scene.

“To see the cops out here in full force, it always rattles everybody you know, what's going on,” said Lafleur.

While these two victims didn't lose anything, police say many others have.

They've recorded several dozen break-ins over just a few weeks.

“Some people don't want to earn their own things, want to take mine, it doesn't make me feel good,” added Hall.

Police don't think all of the crimes are being committed by the same people, but they say they are watching two suspects who are pawning a lot of items.