Police Internal Investigation Requested After Crash Involving Suspected Drunk Driver


10TV has learned of troubling accusations against Columbus Police after an alleged drunk driving crash.

The crash left a motorcyclist with critical injuries and a female driver facing the possibility of felony charges.

Some say the driver is not the only one to blame.

10TV has learned police were with her just moments before the crash happened. We are not naming the driver because she has not been charged.

The woman is accused of causing an accident that injured William Stanley.

Jon Brown calls Stanley his best friend.

"That's my brother. I love him to death man," Brown said.
Stanley was in intensive care Monday night. His prognosis is uncertain.

Brown said he and Stanely were riding their motorcycles June 14th.

Brown had pulled ahead of Stanley when he heard a sound that sickened him.     

"All I heard was a noise, and when I looked back I could see the bike exploding. Like literally explode." Brown said.

Police said a vehicle pulled out in front of Stanley on Camden Avenue at Cleveland Avenue.

With no time to react, Stanley struck the car.

The impact blew Stanley's bike apart and sent him flying some 60 feet.

Brown watched, horrified and helpless.

"I wanted to catch him so bad. Or break his fall or something. That's how high he was in the air."
Brown said it was clear the female driver of the car had been drinking.

"You could smell the alcohol," he said.

Columbus Police said the woman in the car failed a field sobriety test.

The driver's former roommate says that should have been no surprise to officers because just minutes before the crash, they had been with her.

Dezera Banner was the one who called police to her home.

"I have a roommate who is moving out," she said in a 911,"She's intoxicated, and I have a 7-year-old child in the house and she's being very belligerent."

"When she got here I knew she was drinking," said Banner.  "I already knew. I could smell it on her."

Banner said police responded to her home.

"The police, when they helped her carry out the rest of her stuff or whatever little pieces that she had, she parked right here in front of the house, I shut my door," she says.  "I don't know what happened after that point.  I was kind of hoping they would take her keys, lock her car, take her down, let her dry out."

But that's not what happened. Records obtained by 10TV show police wrapped the disturbance call on Leona Avenue at 11:21 p.m.

Less than a minute later and just more than a block away, the crash involving Stanley happened.

Brown said he believes the crash could have been prevented.

"She shouldn't have been on those streets."

Banner agrees.

"I guess I thought the whole concept of police was to protect and to serve. And you would have protected her and served her had you of taken her where she was supposed to go, in the state that she was in. And nobody would be hurt."

Columbus Police said an internal investigation has been requested to answer that question.

Police said they are pursuing felony charges of aggravated vehicular assault against the driver.

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