Police Disappointed Robbery Suspects Temporarily Freed

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Columbus Police said they feared a group of teenagers accused in two attacks would commit more crimes now that they have been released.

"We're just disappointed that they were released. We thought that they should be held," Columbus Police Detective Phillip Thomas told 10TV's Jason Frazer.

Thomas says the group's crime spree began last month at the Franklinton Library. Police say cameras captured one of the suspects punching the victim. Police said two of the suspects were seen chasing the teenage victim while three others searched through the victim's bag.

Columbus Police say in each case the victims never saw the attacks coming.

Detective Thomas said he was caught off guard when a judge released the juveniles from custody. All are required to wear ankle monitoring bracelets.

Thomas says the most difficult part of Monday was explaining to the victims that only one of the suspects remains behind bars.

"When something like this happens to you, I think it shakes your fundamental belief in society," said Thomas.

"These weren't kids just being kids," said Detective Thomas.

Thomas said the group committed three other robberies including one aboard a COTA bus. Police said as one of the suspects exits the bus on Parsons Avenue, he snatched an I-PAD from a teen. When the victim runs after the suspect, he's repeatedly punched and kicked.

Five people including 19-year-old Avory Cathey were arrested. Police did not release the identity of the four other suspects because they are juveniles.

Police tell 10TV the four suspects will be back in court May 8th.

The suspects may face additional charges.

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