Police Crack Down On Suspected Central Ohio Theft Ring

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Police departments across central Ohio have cracked down on crooks that they say were working together to steal items from homes and cars.

Worthington Police joined eight other departments to announce the break in the case on Thursday.

Police chiefs said that seven people have been connected to the multitude of crimes.

"These are the suspects that go out there every day looking to steal somebody's property, every day. That's their job. That's what they think is their job,” said Chief Kim Jacobs of the Columbus Division of Police.

Paul Sheridan of Worthington said that he was one of the victims.

“We made a mistake. We left our garage door open,” he said.

He now says won’t make the same mistake twice.

"They took all the credit cards, all the cash, everything that we had,” added Sheridan.

From Worthington to Genoa Township, central Ohio residents have fallen victim to some cross-county crooks.

The police chiefs all agreed that they could not have made as much progress in their investigation without sharing information with each other.

“We have to cooperate with each other, and if we become an island then the island is going to be surrounded by sharks and everyone loses,” said Robert Taylor, Genoa Township Police Chief.

Police said there have been 60 vehicle break-ins in Genoa Township alone.

The thieves also stole at least a dozen vehicles.

Police said that they were not identifying the people arrested because of a continued investigation.

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