Police Crack Down On Speeders Through School Zones

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In the early morning hours, shadows of children line a corridor of Livingston Avenue as they wait for car after car to drive by. They are attempting to get to school in a school zone that reads 20 miles per hour.

The problem is that not everyone is paying attention. Columbus police have a concern about the safety of the students.

The stretch along Livingston Avenue is where Columbus police have written more tickets for speeding in school zones than anyplace else in the city. The school zones are near Woodcrest Elementary, Walnut Ridge High School, Bishop Hartley and Africentric.

"We have a speeding problem many places in the city, but particularly there at Livingston Avenue," said Sgt. Todd Kerin, Columbus Police Department.

Authorities are conducting an all-out blitz to slow drivers down. On a recent day, they pulled over three drivers in 10 minutes. They were all ticketed for speeding in front of Woodcrest Elementary. The area produces hundreds of speeding tickets each year.

Ann Herlocher won't let her children near Livingston Avenue.

"There has been horrible things that have happened down here. There was a kid hit crossing the street in front of the high school a couple of years back," said Herlocher.

Herlocher insists on walking her children to the school through the back neighborhood instead of the dangerous road.

She says her kids won't have to face the risk from drivers that she says are more concerned about themselves then children crossing the street.

"Unless they visually see something aside from the lights to make them slow down, most people won't," said Herlocher.

"There are a ton of children crossing that Livingston Avenue right there, and it is a very dangerous spot and we do focus that quite frequently," added Kerin.

But is the message getting across?

Columbus police say they will keep pulling people over until it does.