Police: Child Found Twice In One Week Wandering In The Street


A Central Ohio mother says she's not a bad mother, but Chillicothe Police say it's what 29 year old Evelyn Bloomfield wasn't doing for her two year old son that now has her under investigation by Ross County Children's Services.

"The cops are blowing it out of proportion. None of it is true. I was asleep and he got out the back door," Evelyn Bloomfield told 10TV's Jason Frazer.

Investigators say a neighbor found her 2-year-old son wandering down Hickory Street Wednesday morning. 

At the time, police say the child's mother was under the influence of sleeping pills she snorted the night before.

Police say she had no idea her son was missing.

"I wasn't disoriented and I wasn't just spacing out. I just woke up," Bloomfield says. 

Neighbor Linda Payne says she noticed the child was in need of help Wednesday morning.

"No shoes, no coat crying wanting his mommy. I didn't know where she lived," Payne told 10TV's Jason Frazer.

Payne says as a neighbor called police.  She says she made sure the child was ok.

"We picked him up and took him in the house. He was hungry so I fed him cookies and gave him water," says Payne.

Bloomfield was arrested and charged with child endangering. She says her son walked out of the house because a key was left in the backdoor lock.

"He pushed the dresser, one of his plastic dressers and climbed up on it and unlocked the backdoor and he got out," Bloomfield told 10TV's Jason Frazer

According to police, this is not the first time they have investigated a case of child endangering this week involving Bloomfield.

Police tell 10TV Bloomfield's two year old son was found walking alone on Plyleys Lane in Chillicothe Sunday. A neighbor saw the two year old and then allegedly returned the child to the grandmother's home.

Bloomfield says Sunday's incident was also an accident.

Bloomfield told 10TV's Jason Frazer "my kids don't leave my sight now."

Bloomfield says she still has custody of her children and she must attend several parenting classes. She says after that the county will make a final decision on if she will be allowed to keep her children.

10TV was not able to independently verify her statement.

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