Police Charge Man 3 Months After He Shot Suspected Intruder


Three months after the shooting, Cynthia Preston still has the window boarded up.

Preston said that her son, Donald Griffin III, had no choice but to shoot, Quenton Savage.

“It's a nightmare for us because of the fact that my daughter doesn't even go in her room anymore,” said Preston.

But her nightmare became worse on Wednesday, when she found out that Griffin was indicted in the shooting.

“The young man posed a threat just by coming through my window. He had no business in my house,” said Preston.

She said that her son confronted Savage after hearing noises on the second floor of their home.

“He was shot inside the house in our house and flipped out the house through the glass,” she added.

Police found Savage’s body outside, but Franklin County prosecutor Ron O’Brien said that Savage was actually outside of the home when he was shot. O’Brien said Savage was no longer a threat.

“Once you're outside the home, the Castle Doctrine does not apply,” said O’Brien.

The Castle Doctrine outlines when shooting an intruder is justified. O’Brien said the shooting was not self-defense because Savage was not armed.

“You have to be in fear at the time you used deadly force of your own life or the life of another person,” added O’Brien.

“When the guy came through the window, was my son supposed to run out the door and scream?” said Preston. “My son had to protect himself.”

She said she will continue to fight for her son’s innocence.

If convicted, Griffin could face 14 years in prison.

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