Police Call Judge's Photo With Defendants "Disrespectful"

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Police are voicing their concern after a Franklin County Judge posed for pictures with a popular prankster, moments after ruling on his case.

The pranksters posted a video of the student on You Tube,  pretending to bash open an ATM, sending cash flying everywhere.

The video also showed their conversation with Columbus police officers who weren't laughing.

"You're putting our lives at risk and other people's lives at risk because we're running lights and sirens because we're trying to get here because we think somebody's trying to rob," said the officer in the video.

This week, a Franklin County judge found four defendants not guilty of disorderly conduct and inducing panic. It's what happened after the judge's ruling that has some police officers upset.

The judge posed for a post-trial photo with the pranksters.  One of them made a heart symbol with his hands right over the head of Judge Anne Taylor. 

"It's a rare situation.   I just responded to a request to take a picture," said Judge Anne Taylor.

The Fraternal Order of Police, the union representing the officers, calls the picture demeaning and unprofessional.

"The fact of the matter is we don't taunt, we don't celebrate when we win.  We don't have mass officers showing up and taking celebratory photos.  From our perspective it's disrespectful," said FOP president Jason Pappas.

Judge Taylor says, on the contrary.  She says she was very impressed with the officers who testified in her courtroom.

"I think they used good judgement in this matter. I would be very surprised if there was push back from the two officers who testified in the trial," said Taylor.