Police Asking For Help To Nab Columbus’ ‘Most Wanted’ Shoplifter


Prosecutors call her one of Columbus' “Most Wanted” shoplifters.  And they are asking for your help bringing her to justice.

The City Attorney's Office says 44-year-old Terri Wilson is a serial shoplifter who is flouting the law and the system.  Wilson has nine open warrants for theft, but prosecutors say she's been a no-show in court.  They say the time has come for her to face these charges, and some legal consequences.

Terri Wilson has earned a spot on Bill Hedrick's Wall of Shame.  "I think right now she's our number two person with the most theft warrants. I believe our number one person is no longer in the state of Ohio."

Hedrick, the Chief of Staff at the Columbus City Attorney's Office, says Wilson is no small-time thief.  "We're not talking about a few small items. Each one of the thefts she does is for hundreds and hundreds of dollars."

Among her current open charges, separate thefts totaling nearly $350 and $400 worth of baby formula from the same Kroger, nearly $380 in formula from a different Kroger, and nearly $750 from a JC Penney.

Hedrick says that theft was caught on camera.

"It's not the most sophisticated stealing operation I've seen. She just went in with a bag and started filling it up."

Surveillance video shows a woman with a pink bag stuffed with stolen goods.  The woman then leaves, and comes back with a second bag to fill.

"I would have to think she has to be part of a professional thieving ring, or have someone that she can fence these items, because obviously these items are not for personal use and they are large quantities of things she is stealing."

Hedrick says Wilson has as many aliases as open warrants.  "Terri Marie Wilson, Joanie Wilson, Terri Joanie Marie Wilson, Latonya Patterson…." 

He says whatever she calls herself, his message to her is the same: "Terri Wilson, your days of shoplifting are numbered. It's time to stop."

Hedrick says since these are misdemeanor, non-violent crimes, judges typically impose lower bonds, and Wilson has been able to post bond.  At some point, he says, she just stopped showing up to court

Anyone with information on Terri Wilson's whereabouts is asked to call Columbus Police.