Police Arrest Man Suspected of Robbing Multiple Businesses Wearing Tim Hortons Uniform


Columbus police said they arrested a man Wednesday night suspected of robbing two stores in different parts of Franklin County Wednesday morning.
Officers say the suspect, Jason Ladwig, was wearing a Tim Hortons uniform when he robbed a UDF at Sunbury and Morse Roads in northeast Columbus around 5:20 a.m.

Investigators believe Ladwig, 37, then drove to a Whitehall Walmart on East Main Street and robbed that store.

The employee at that location told 10TV that she almost passed out.

"I screamed, and I'm still a wreck right now," said clerk Floree Smith.

Smith said she recognized Lagwig's description from early morning news reports on 10TV about the UDF robbery. She said when he approached her register with a candy bar - she knew what was going to happen.

"I stepped back and he grabbed the money, and I stepped back and said 'Get him, he robbed me,'" said Smith. "I never in my life want to experience anything like this in my life again."

Police arrested a man they suspected is Ladwig around 10 pm Wednesday night in an alley near the intersection of Livingston Avenue and Seymour Avenue.

Officers told 10TV Ladwig attempted to rob an ex-roommate who then reported him to police.

Officers say the suspect was still wearing his Tim Hortons uniform when he was arrested.

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