Poison Front-Man Bret Michaels Now Tells Story Of Survival


It was in 1988 when that Poison’s song ‘Nothin’ But A Good Time’ rocketed up the charts.

Now, more than 25 years later, front man Bret Michaels says he’s paid the price from having those good times. He is singing a different tune, one of good health.


Even with his fame, Michaels says there's something even more important to him.

“You're health trumps all. When you feel good, you feel right. It really matters,” he says.

Michaels has lived with Type I diabetes since he was six-years-old. And in recent years, he underwent brain and heart surgery, which forced him to take a hard look at improving his own health.

“Yeah, there is no doubt throughout my career that I've had to make some changes and adjustments. I'm not going to lie,” said Michaels. “There's times where you just go out there after a show, you have too much of a good time and too much of a party - and you've got to find that balance in your life to make it work.”

Michaels says he now concentrates on diet, exercise and having the right mental approach to living healthy. 

He says the song ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ symbolizes the message.

“To me, that is life, at least, in my life. My life is a series of great moments, you know, the rose and the thorns that comes along with it. And it's all in how I go back to this with health. A lot of it is how you mentally deal with the obstacles that you might find in your way, how you adjust to that. How you overcome that adversity, and that's truly what I've been through in my whole life is fighting through that and finding a way to get it done. And like I said, again, hopefully good medical attention, grace of God, and keeping yourself healthy, you're going to be in great shape.”

Michaels will be at the 10TV Health & Fitness Expo at the Columbus Convention Center on Sunday, August 17.