Plea Deal Reached In Morrow County Case Involving Drunk Driving Crash


The trial over the crash that killed a Morrow County man is over.

Lawyers on both sides said a plea deal was reached.

Cory Jackson is accused of driving drunk and causing the crash that killed 73-year-old Paul Nauman.

Sources said that Jackson has now agreed to plead guilty a lesser charge of Aggravated Vehicular Homicide, which could carry a five year sentence. He was facing maximum of eight years before the deal was made.

The question at the heart of the case has been which driver crossed the center line, causing the deadly collision.

The jury heard from dueling experts, with competing theories.

Crash scene photos show the aftermath of the impact: Cory Jackson's red pickup on its side, Paul and Patricia Nauman's Volkswagen Jetta carved open.

Patricia Nauman survived the crash and testified that she and her husband saw Jackson go left of center, heading toward them.

Friday an expert for the prosecution argued the Naumans started in their lane, but skid marks show them eventually going left of center.

“The marks left by Mr. Nauman's Volkswagen are consistent with sudden emergency evasive action,” said engineer Greg DuBois.

The question is what they were reacting to.

The prosecution says they were trying to avoid Jackson’s left of center vehicle, but there's no physical evidence to put him there.
An earlier witness testified that she saw Jackson weaving wildly on I-71 just before the crash.

His blood alcohol level was found to be .181, more than twice the legal limit.


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