Plane Held On Port Columbus Runway After Bomb Threat Found On Note

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Officials say 133 passengers aboard an American Airlines flight had to be evacuated from the plane at Port Columbus on Monday after a passenger discovered a bomb threat on the plane.

American Airlines flight 302 from Dallas was headed to Columbus when it landed safely at the airport just before noon.

The bomb scare shut down the entire north runway of the airport, but the airport says no flights were delayed as a result.

A passenger told 10TV that the threat was described as a sticker of a bomb attached to a plane. The TSA confirmed that information to 10TV.

The airport says a passenger discovered the sticker in the rear bathroom ceiling. He immediately notified a flight attendant, who then notified the flight deck.

Passengers were seen evacuating the plane.

Bomb sniffing dogs were called in to make sure all bags were searched for explosives.

Nothing was found.

Later, passengers they told 10TV that they had no idea why police were surrounding the aircraft.

"They didn't tell us anything so we were just sitting there we saw police around the plane and we knew something was going people googled it so we found out on google, said passenger Pam Rollins of Dallas.

"It was a little bit creepy hearing from family members on the outside and not being told what was really going on, “said Molly Lanier who was flying with her son.

"It was a little bit nerve racking, but I mean they were so calm they had the situation under control super, super professional in there," said passenger Matt Hyman.

Investigators tell 10TV that the sticker was from this flight - not a prior flight - but there were no arrests and the FBI and TSA consider the case closed.