Plan Proposed To Expose Rundown Rental Property Owners


A group of Newark residents created a proposal to hold rental property owners accountable for their properties.
Some residents said rental property owners do not keep up with city code.
"It shouldn't be like that," said David Greene, with the Citizens Committee for Housing Rights, which is pushing new rules for rental properties.
The goals isn't just about making things look nicer.
"(There are) places with furnaces that aren't working, without toilets that work, with electric systems that are dangerous." Greene said.
  The group put together a display featuring the best of the worst rental properties in Newark.
They said it is a clear picture of why landlords need to be held accountable.
They want the City to have a rental registry to help keep better track of property owners.
The proposal also includes a measure that said landlords would pay a $20 fee every year for each apartment they own.
"Do we tax and do we license meat we eat? Of course we do. For safety and health of the population." Greene said. "And so we want to make sure that happens with housing."
Newark City Council members met Monday night to discuss the proposed legislation, but decided it still needed work. Council did not take any action on it.
Council member Rhonda Loomis admits the cty needs to do a better job of enforcing its housing code, but doesn't think a rental registry is the answer.
"How do you enforce that? How do you know who has and who hasn't?" Loomis said. "Who takes the time to go out and chase down the ones that didn't?"
The group pushing the new legislation hopes to refine it and bring it back to city council.
10TV"s Justin Moss contacted several property owners Tuesday. All declined an on-camera interview.
One property owner said that the legislation has flaws and added that 95% of landlords follow the law.

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