Plan to Close Seven Columbus City Schools Would Force 2500 Students to Relocate


A committee is recommending seven Columbus City Schools close for good.

The list includes Brookhaven High School in North Linden and Independence High on the Far East Side.

The proposed recommendation could potentially force the relocation of 2500 students.

10TV spoke with a Brookhaven junior who says this could mean her second transfer in two years.

"I feel at home here, I had to leave Centennial High School to come here because it's my home school and I kind of wanted to graduate from Brookhaven because my brother is graduating this year," said Shayla Easley.

Easley is one of hundreds currently enrolled at Brookhaven and one of thousands district wide who may be forced to transfer according to a memorandum obtained by 10TV.

Monroe Middle School, Arlington Park Elementary School, Fifth Avenue International K-6, Maybury and Siebert Elementary Schools are also listed.

The recommendation to close the seven schools follows the failure of the November operating levy and bond issue which forced the district to reduce its expenses by about $50 million dollars by July 1st.

The district says it has also looked at it current enrollment of 51,000 students and 114 schools and says capacity exceeds its current enrollment.

Board members say the recommended closures mainly cite student enrollment trends, building conditions and academic ratings.

"These are things we have to look at as a board, these are recommendations as these come to us we're going to look at these evaluate them, get input from the community and then make our decision," said board member Dominic Paretti.

Easley says she understands it's a tough decision, but struggles with the possible outcome. "I'm worried, I felt at home, the fact that I'm leaving Brookhaven, it's like I'll have to start all over again," she said.

The Columbus City Schools' board plans a special meeting on the proposal Tuesday.

A decision is expected around March.