Plain City mayor wants to carry gun on the job


Plain City Mayor Darrin Lane says people need to know that running a city also can come with days when you don't feel safe.

That's why he approached Village Council to ask them to reconsider allowing him and his staff to come to work armed.

"When you're in this office we don't have any police officers here we don't have security I sometimes don't feel safe," he said.

Lane says while Ohio law allows CCW permit holders to carry in public places, the village council voted against it.

He says he wanted to bring up the idea of carrying a concealed weapon to work after a recent incident.

"A few weeks ago we had a sovereign citizen who was mad about receiving a speeding ticket and I was uncomfortable with the situation and that's what triggered my thinking hey we need something," he said.

One of the issues about allowing CCW in Plain City offices is where the council holds its meetings.

It's located inside the local fire department which doesn't allow weapons on the premises.

Council member John Rucker said the if council were to approve permit holders to carry guns they "would not be allowed at the fire station." However, he says he supports the Mayor's idea to carry at his office.

Council member Jim Moore said he also supports the Mayor's idea to carry on the job, " as long as people are properly trained.

The two village council members say they have no plans of taking up the Mayor's request for a vote.

House Bill 310, introduced this month in the Ohio legislature would allow concealed carry in all state and local government buildings, including courthouses, city halls and village buildings, but only by elected officials.