Pit Bulls Not Alone On Vicious Dog List

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10TV asked asked the Franklin County Department of Animal Care & Control how it tracks problems with dogs in the county.

On Sunday, three pit bulls attacked an eight year old boy in a West Columbus home. The dogs are being held in quarantine by Franklin County Animal Care and Control.

The dog’s owner is facing nine charges for failing to vaccinate and register his dogs and for failure to control a vicious dog.

Franklin County says it issued 17 citations in 2013 for failure to control a vicious dog. The county deemed 23 dogs as vicious last year.

A dog is labeled vicious if it causes serious injury or death to a person.

A dog is deemed dangerous if it causes minor injuries to a person or kills another dog. The majority of dog bites end in a dangerous label.

Attached is the list of breeds and designations from 2013.