Pipe Bombs Found At Post Offices

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Several homes and businesses were evacuated Tuesday morning after explosive devices were found near two post offices in Athens County.

One of the devices was found at the back door of the Guysville post office, located on state Route 329, 10TV’s Patrick Bell reported.

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A second pipe bomb was found about two miles away at the post office in Stewart.

Postal workers first reported the devices shortly after 6 a.m., Bell reported.

One of the workers told 10TV News that the device was a black cylinder that was about a foot long.

In addition to evacuating homes and business within 1,000 feet of the post offices, deputies and state troopers shut down neighboring roads and streets.

The Columbus Division of Fire Bomb Squad was investigating the devices and planned to detonate them on Tuesday afternoon, Bell reported.

Anywhere it’s a big deal when you find some kind of suspicious device, especially at a federal installation,” said Dan Pfeiffer with the Athens County Emergency Management Agency. “People don’t think about that, but a post office is a federal installation and that causes all sorts of things.”& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt; /p>

No injuries were reported.

The investigation is ongoing.

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