Pickerington Tea Party Group Says Yard Signs Were Stolen

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On Monday, a special town hall meeting was scheduled at Fairfield Federal to discuss a property tax levy.

A Tea Party group said someone has sabotaged its campaign. The group, the Pickerington Patriots, said that someone has stolen its yard signs, which oppose the levy, 10TV's Shayla Reeves reported.

Police said a police report has been filed, but no charges were announced.

The Pickerington Patriots said the community cannot handle more taxes.

"The tax-based community cannot support the trajectory of what they're spending for salaries and benefits," said Andrew Russ, a group member.

Those who support the levy said the issue is about quality of education.

"The board of education has made every cut possible without changing the quality of education," said Amanda Tonjes of Vote for "Pick" Kids. 

If the levy were to pass it would cost $14.04 for every $100,000 of a appraised home value, Reaves reported. 

The vote has been scheduled for next week.