Pickerington Looking To Come Up With $500,000 For Police Dept.


The City of Pickerington is looking for ways to increase police department funding.

Council member Mike Sabatino said that the city would need to come up with another $500,000 dollars to keep service levels where they are.

Sabatino said that the council might look at renewing a tax levy, or increasing the income tax, as possible solutions. He said that the city has been trimming other expenses to keep up with state funding cuts.

“Since the recession hit a few years back, the Feds cut back the state,” Sabatino said. “The state cut back the local governments. So, it's just been a general slowdown in the economy which has a ripple effect.”

Sabatino said that the finance committee meets again Dec. 5, but a decision about asking for a tax increase will be months away.

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