Pickaway County Crime Fighting Unit Ready To React To Violent Situations


A crime fighting unit with the Pickaway County Sheriff's Office is ready to react to any situation.

"We have to be prepared that anything could happen," Pickaway County Sheriff Robert Radcliff.

Radcliff points to a recent routine traffic stop which took a potentially deadly turn.

"We found a duffle bag with a sawed-off shotgun. We found a loaded handgun," explained Radcliff.

The Pickaway County Sheriff's office has created a Special Response Team.

"We're seeing more and more in the rural areas where violence is becoming more commonplace," said Radcliff.

The sheriff is taking a proactive step against gun and drug incidents with the creation of the unit. It includes a military Humvee and eight existing deputies.

The Special Response Team has been training in places like Westfall High School, but getting critical field experience in real situations should not take too long.

In fact, part of the team was already sent out ahead of schedule last week.

"We had information that there could be some weapons at this residence, so we decided to go ahead and deploy them," added Radcliff.

The unit will be used mostly for things like executing high level search warrants and drug raids, but they will be on standby for the everyday assist that can sometimes turn horrific.

"This is what I've always wanted to do. As far as law enforcement, I mean to me this is kind of the entire piece of the puzzle," said Sgt. Cory Bachnicki, part of the SRT.

"We just need to make sure that the public is safe and that our officers are safe," said Radcliff.

Radcliff was clear in saying the unit is not a SWAT team, but traditional deputies with additional training. The unit will be fully trained by mid-September.

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